Sunday, 6 March 2011

I can feel it...

I declare -with my extensive knowledge of meteorology and general expertness in all things weather - that it is spring! Well, at least the beginning of Spring! The ability to unzip ones coat while walking down the street is all the proof I need. Along with the sunshine, blue skies, and the tip, tap, of snow melting, its official! I may even take my leather jacket out :)
Sure, after my "warmth" post, winter came back in full blast and slapped me in the face with its stupid snow, and stupid ice, and stupid -30 temperatures, BUT now I can just feel it.. with the increase in sunlight, bird song, and warm winds, winter is O-V-E-R! :) -I've even seen some crazy kids walking around in just their hoodies!

P.S. Winter, if you decide to slap me in the face- AGAIN, it will officially be war. I will stomp on your snowy-ness, break your icicles, and blow hot air at you. be warned. I am done with you for now.. come back next December, give me  a chance to miss you, and perhaps absensce will make the heart grow fonder. ...perhaps.


  1. The bears feel it too :)

  2. spring is comingin london too :) YAY