Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Handmade Cards

During the past few years I’ve become really into making people handmade cards. It started as something I did to sort of compensate for either a small or impersonal gift. Picking up a bottle of something from Alko (liquor store in Finland) is always appreciated, but somehow it just feels dispassionate to me- but instead of stretching my mind or wallet for something else, I feel that sitting down for an hour or two and creating something personal is the best! (and it goes without saying that they also complement a thoughtful gift!)

Receiving handmade cards (or even cards with a personal note) is also great! Just a few weeks ago I had my birthday and Albert made me the sweetest card. He had cut out words and little pictures, which is a pretty time-consuming task, and now every time I look over at the card (now propped up on Milo’s head) it makes me smile.

Not all the cards I make turn out that well, just last night I was working on a card for my sister and I think it turned out cute in the end- but it looked a little bit like something that could have been made about 10 years ago..when I was 12! But with my cards, I like to think it’s the flaws that make them great… if you want a ‘perfect’ card go to Hallmark. ;)

My sister and I proudly holding our Grandpa's birthday cards

Making an Ilomilo (surprise!) card for Albert's 30th.

(*Note, not all people love cards as much I do. So just try to pick people you know would appreciate it... otherwise your hard work might end up straight in the dumpster!)

*Here's a great DIY pop-up card tutorial, I actually made something like this for my Dad's last birthday. (same pop-up effect, but I made balloons and hearts rather than flowers- you can use anything you like to suit the occasion)


  1. not a fan of the pic.. just sayin'

  2. I think you look nice, but sorry! next time i'll ask for approval before i post a pic ;)