Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Review of: The Cabbage Soup Diet

A few weeks ago I decided to try the 'Cabbage Soup Diet/Cleanse' because my friend Stina, was doing it as well -these things are always easier with some support!
Now I wasn't looking for a fast solution to losing weight, rather, as my friend Stina also said- a kick start. Just something to get you motivated to start exercising and eating better in general.
You can google the details of the diet if you like, but in short the diet is 7 days long, each day has specific types of food that you eat, and everyday you can eat as much cabbage soup as you like. Before I began, I read through some reviews and found that most people really hated the soup, and thats what made the diet really difficult. However I was pleased to realize that i loveeeed my soup -hmm, perhaps I'm just a better cook ;) haha. or more likely it's because I've always loved cabbage (although I do prefer it raw, but anyways!)

Day 1:
Going good! Soup is yummy, eating tons of fruits, so I'm feeling pretty healthy. :)
Day 2:
Wohoo throw in some veggies and a baked potato! This is fun. :)
Day 3: 
I WANT BREAD/PASTA/RICE/..CARBS! -starting to feel slightly head-achy and low on energy.
Day 4: 
Bananas and milk! om nom nom.. soup still tastes good but I want something else!... lying in bed at 11pm,, thinking about what I get to eat tomorrow.. soup.. *runs to bathroom and vomits*.. yah! just the THOUGHT of the soup made me puke. hmm..
Day 5:
Chickennnnn! I was feeling so weak in the morning that i just went straight to the store and bought the chicken and had it for breakfast! Around lunch I looked over at the pot of soup *shudders*.. dumped that down the toilet, and decided this would be my last day.
Day 6: Resume eating like a normal person!

Ok, so in general its not that tough, BUT I prefer to be able to exercise.. or at least walk to the store, without feeling light-headed -and any diet that makes me puke is just a bit too much. :) BUT I do think the banana day- which was said to lessen your desire for sweets, really worked! I have an INSANE sweet tooth, so anything that gets me to crave candy or ice-cream less, is a miracle cure! :)


  1. Maybe the puking bit is part of the "detox"... haha fuck it, be pudgy and soft with me! We can suck in for photos ;) xxx

  2. slice a banana and put the slices in the freezer for awhile.. then just eat, it's like frozen candy? :D taste good and are a nice alternative to artificially sweetened crap.