Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A message from our course leader:

Vappu, the Finnish 'carnival' day is always on May 1st. This year it is on Sunday. This means the disaster will last for three days, starting on Friday afternoon. If you can, go into the deep forests or abroad. This peaceful and well behaving people will turn into crowds of desperately drinking, salivating creatures, who growl and crawl in their throw-ups in the streets until they pass out. This is the Finnish interpretation of having fun. It always snows on Vappu, but it is compulsory to wear only shorts and T-shirts.

The same phenomenon is experienced a few weeks later during Juhannus late June. The difference is that there is less snow, people are naked, crowds go countryside and instead of passing out in the streets they drown in one of the 300 000 lakes.

Be careful out there!"

haha I thought that was good enough to share! :) It all is pretty much true, but I intend to be one of those drinking people in the crowd! ( minus the salivating, growling, crawling, throwing-up and passing-out)

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