Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The extremely typical new years post

Reading other peoples blogs always gets me so pumped up to come here and write something myself- but then when I get here I feel like I have nothing interesting or worthwhile to say. (to all my millions of readers)

But then I realize that the other people are just writing about their day, or their life at the moment, and for some reason I find that interesting -yet I can't imagine anyone finding my day interesting. And this isn't in any 'poor me, my life is so boring' kind of way, just in a very realistic, who cares?! :)

So I guess I'll make this post the typical January post about resolutions. Maybe writing them down will make them stick better (and add a little bit more pressure since others will know about them)

1) Be more decisive and voice opinions.
A few weeks ago my sister pointed out that all of us 'Nässi children' seem to be cursed with the same "I don't mind" attitude.  I always thought it was a positive trait, showing how easy-going and adaptable we are. But it can make us seem indecisive, and like we don't have any opinions. So starting with small things I'm going to try to be more decisive, stick to those decisions, and in general be more vocal about my opinions. :)

2) Read 10 books.
A pretty simple one, but I felt I should have my second resolution be more measurable than my first. :)

Well that's all for now.  Hope everyone has a good 2012! -so far mine is off to a great start :)

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