Friday, 3 December 2010

The OC

Ok, I know some very strange and bizzare people out there think that the OC is a... nope sorry can't think of anything bad to say, but I am aware that some people don't think it was the greatest show. (thats as negative as I can be) But anyways, I just started rewatching it and I've fallen in love with it all over again!
What's really special about it, is that it brings back so many memories for me. I remember the very first episode I saw, Season 1, episode 3. It was just some random show that showed up on limewire so I decided to take a look, and a few weeks later it was all anyone could talk about. I remember the sleepover marathon I had with Mia, Larissa and Julia, where Julia fell asleep in my room, and then stomped away angrily when we wouldnt make room for her on the couch after she woke up :) I remember all the great music. I remember picking out outfits that looked like Marissa's. I remember doing my hair like Marissa's. I remember gushing about the New Year's scene after P.E. class with Kat Davis. I remember trying to, and failing, at making 'Welcome to the KL, bitch' sound cool. I remember all the posters on my wall,... such a great show, with so many great memories from my own life to go with it.


  1. I could never understand that show. I could go into more depth, but.. I'll save you :) Can't say any show effected me quite like that - although the X-Files were damn cool when I was 14-15.. and maybe Friends? Well. Nice to read about your memories anyway :) ...
    Uuuu! Beverly Hills 90210 - some good memories there from when I was 8-10yrs :)

  2. and I thought I would so love to ride a motorcycle all thanks to watching Melrose Place.. -___-

  3. Maybe you have to go rewatch some episodes, and memories will come flooding back :)