Monday, 9 September 2013

How to be a Good Pedestrian

New vlog! This time I go through 10 ways to be a good (awesome) pedestrian! All these little examples are based on personal experiences, that I'm sure many of us have witnessed.

Oh and some of the plushies I created for Acid Bunny are featured, so that's fun. Also as you can see from the thumbnail a little bit of love for my old Nokia phone.  Up until a month ago I still used a black and white nokia button phone. The only reason i stopped using it was because I happened to land a smart phone for free. I'm still not entirely convinced that 'smart' phones are any better. I mean, their battery life sucks, they aren't as easy to type on (especially while walking ;) ) and somehow they make me feel overly connected. But there are definite plus sides as well- like finally getting messaged by my friends more frequently via whatsapp- it's free, so this is totally understandable.

But anyways, enough random ramble about phones, check out the video!

What do you think of my shirt? it says 'Dream, Believe, Believe'. okei, so usually I'm not a big fan of slogan shirts, but this shirt stuck out to me because it's a 'mistake'! So I really just loved the style of the shirt, the graphic boldness of the words contrasts really nicely against the lace, so despite not being a big fan of the words themselves I decided to try it on anyway.

In the changing room I put it on and loved it but suddenly became confused, Wait, I could have sworn the shirt said Dream, Believe, Achieve... weird. So I went back to the rack (considering putting the shirt back) when I noticed I was right- all the other shirts did say that! 

So maybe a misprinted shirt should be in an Outlet shop, but for me this little mistake just made me want the shirt even more. This particular shirt was one of kind inside this shop. No one else would have it! Even more than that, it somehow made the words less cheesy. My shirt suddenly became a hopeless believers shirt. Someone, who unlike the other shirts, would never 'Achieve' their dream... yes, depressing when I put it like that, but really it had more of an underdog kind of appeal to me.

And best of all when I got the cashier it turned out that all 'sweaters' were only 4,95 that day! -This concluded any doubts I was still having about the purchase.

Have a lovely day!

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