Wednesday, 9 October 2013

September Favorites!

So like I explain in the video below- I got super busy towards the end of last month and had to put the videos on hold for a little bit. I went into more detail in the video, but then ended up editing out most of the explanation because I didn't want the overall video to be too long. But basically we had an event at work that ran into the evenings, I was house/dog sitting for a few days, Albert and I are busy making Acid Bunny 2 (yay!) and then I had my birthday party and some other social engagements like a sushi night. So none of it was really super stress-inducing, but it did leave with me very little 'free' time.

Anyways the video just goes through some of my September favorites, from food to entertainment. I was so glad that September ended and I was able to make my video about this, because I hadn't really had time to think of any other specific topics or issues I wanted to discuss.

In the video you'll hear a constant stream of water from the shower, this is because I'm not quite comfortable enough to film these videos in front of Albert yet :D In the past I've actually waited for him to be out of the house before I film, or asked him to go for a little shop trip or something, but I can't always just send him away so when he said he was going to take a shower I just told him to make it a long one. heh.

I hope you like the video, and feel free to share your opinions of any of my favorites, or tell me some of yours on here or comment on the video! :)

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