Sunday, 23 January 2011


This weekend I was invited over to my friend Jussi's cottage in Urjala, along with Ilari and Laura -and of course the cats, Joona and Boris.  I was still a bit in my post-KL sleeping pattern, so I went to bed pretty early the first night, but the second night I joined them for the Sauna and.. dum dum dum... swimming in the lake!.. well I dunked myself in,,, and then ran back to the sauna as quickly as possible! We also slid down the snowy hills on butt-sliders (?) and made delicious food all weekend long, including roasted marshmellows! :)
 Laura and Ilari at the front of the cottage
 Jussi stuck in the snow :)
 Relaxing in the cottage with TBBT... lucky that Jussi's Mac has such a good battery life :)
 Where we made our food. :)
 Swimming anyone?
 The cottage

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