Sunday, 21 October 2012

Street Photography

Last week I did another assignment for my photography course, street-photography. This was my first experience of street-photography, so I wanted to share a little bit about how it went! As a rather introverted person, going up to strangers was a bit nerve-racking. Everyone on the street seemed in a rush, and everyone seemed like they didn’t want to be spoken to- let alone stop and pose for a picture. I would pick people from a distance and walk towards them rehearsing my request in my head, but just at the pinnacle moment I would freeze up, and they would be gone.
After a short break of window-shopping, I told myself that I just had to do it. I decided to approach a bus stop, and luckily enough I saw a young man who looked interesting, and approachable. I asked him nervously if he would mind if I took his photo for a photography course I was taking, and he looked at me with a puzzled expression and went to remove one of his earphones- he hadn’t heard a word! But after I asked again, (a little more confidently after my first dry-run) he said yes.
After that my reservations were lifted, and the rest of the day went along smoothly. Of course I experienced a few negative responses, but after a while I learned to distinguish the ‘yes’ people, from the ‘no’ people. On my excursion it seemed that men were much friendlier than women, and younger people, or people with more extravagant styles were happier to pose photos.
Below I included photos of a few people who I really enjoyed photographing. Overall it turned out to be great experience, and it was nice to connect with strangers in this small way.

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