Thursday, 14 March 2013

Butter-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Check out these butter free cookies I made!

Now I know you're probably wondering.. why are they green?! No, it wasn't a Saint Patrick's day themed cookie that I dyed (although these would work well for that!) these are avocado cookies! I've been looking into a lot of healthy recipes/healthy alternatives and these were a definite hit! All you do is substitute the amount of butter in a recipe with the same amount of avocado.

My official review: I wouldn't quite call these 'cookies', the texture is a bit more cakey- but still yummy. In the original recipe I found the author said she loved to eat them frozen and I completely agree! But Albert on the other hand likes them more at room-temp, so if you make them freeze a few and see which one you prefer. Oh, and I do have to warn you that the dough is pretty hard to handle! It is soooo sticky and gooey, handling it takes a bit more effort than regular cookie dough. (this could be because my avocado wasn't big enough- you'll notice that the original poster's cookies are much greener!)

You can use avocados in so many ways! Most sites that I find recommend only replacing half of the butter with avocado, but even that makes it that much healthier. I would really love to try new things with avocados but they are quite expensive at the moment, and I have to be honest, my favorite way of eating them is just on a piece of bread with some lemon pepper so I can taste all the avocadoey goodness! But all in all this was a nice, and recommendable experiment :)

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