Saturday, 23 March 2013

This is not ice-cream and cookie dough

Happy Friday Saturday Everyone! (oops, didn't get this posted yesterday!)

So the day before yesterday was apparently the official beginning of Spring, and despite the freezing temperatures, it feels amazing that the days are getting longer!

One thing I love about Spring, especially now that I live in a country where you can really see a change, is how it pushes you back into gear. People start working out more, they embark on the oh-so-dreaded-but-amazing-once-it's-done spring cleaning, and in general seem to do (and smile!) a lot more. Sitting inside our apartment with the sun blazing in does lift my spirits, and when I'm in a good mood I'm so much more productive, and when I'm more productive I get into a better mood, such a perfect cycle! I truly believe productivity is one of the best mood lifters there is.

If I'm ever feeling really lazy and/or procrastinating on something I need to get done, I usually start by 'warming up' my productivity with a small task like doing the dishes, baking or organizing some small part of the apartment. Afterwards I get this little endorphin kick or something that makes me want to do more and get more stuff off of my plate. It's kind of like life or chores are a workout, you should always get warmed up! (unless of course you are one of those super humans who just does stuff... I so envy you people.)

So with that random little life tip, here's a little something I created today yesterday in order to jump start my productivity for the day!

The Faux Cookie-dough Ice Cream!

Step 1: The "cookie-dough"

1.5dl Cashews
0.8dl Oats
3 tbsp Agave syrup (or any syrup/honey, that's just what I had)
1 tsp vanilla extract
chocolate chips (or any flavoring you prefer)

First just blend up the oats and cashews until they become a powder, and then add in the syrup and vanilla extract and stir until combined. Then add in your toppings (I used milk and dark chocolate chips). Using your hands, roll the dough into tiny balls (you can make some bigger, not all of these will be used for the ice-cream!)

Step 2: The "ice-cream"

1 banana

Easy-peasy, just take a banana, chop it up and freeze. After freezing blend until smooth.

Step 3:

Combine the small cookie-dough balls and the ice cream, and voila! Delicious chocolate chip cookie-dough ice cream!

You can find the original recipes I used here: cookie dough and banana ice-cream



  1. it is! One additional tip to make the banana easier to blend and make the consistency more creamy is to add in a little bit of milk/almond milk.

    Thanks for dropping by :)