Monday, 2 September 2013

August Favorites!

Lookie I made another video! I'm definitely loving making vlogs right now. I'm so busy with work during the week, so these have been the perfect little weekend project :) I think I've mentioned before how being productive somehow snowball effects and makes me want to be even more productive? Well yeah, that's what I think is happening here.

This video idea came from just about every other vlogger out there, which is a monthly favorites video! I divided my video into five categories, food, beauty, fashion, fitness and entertainment. My camera battery started dying towards the end so I had to rush through the entertainment category, but maybe it's for the best- the video was getting a little bit long ;)

Today I've been feeling all fluish :/ So I made myself a green smoothies (spinach, ginger, banana, kiwi, grapes) and made some zuchinni pesto pasta with LOTS of garlic, so hopefully this stupid flu goes away before it becomes full blown!

Anyways, hope everyone has a lovely day, and check back next week for a new video! (I'm planning to upload one every week!)


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