Friday, 1 March 2013

Family History

From having coffee with my grandmother's best friend, walking around my mum's old neighborhood, to looking at old photoalbums wtih my grandpa, this past weekend I just couldn't get enough of my family's history.

When people pass away, one of the biggest things we regret is not knowing enough about them. Especially with family members, I think we miss out on a lot unless we have the good sense to ask! Even though both of my grandmothers passed away when I was pretty young, I'm lucky enough to still have people around who can tell me about them. I feel like I learned so much about my parents and grandparents this past weekend, just from hearing old stories and looking at old photographs. I hadn't ever really seen a lot of pictures from my dad's childhood, or of my grandparents when they were younger so I was so excited when my grandpa brought out a few albums. The photographs, as well as the people in them are so beautiful that I  just had to share some of them.


  1. I see a tiny bit of baby me in the first one, and sooo much Mikiko resemblance in the second one :D

  2. I see more Mikko in the 3rd one, 2nd one looks like classic dad to me!