Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Money money money and Food!

I haven't really been posting recipes online, mostly due to the fact that I've really been trying to cut down on how much I spend on food. When I first started getting really into eating clean/ healthy, I was spending all my money on food! Literally I would go to the store maybe 2-3 times a week and spend about 40 euros each time, and somehow manage to leave with only 2-3 days worth of food. And of course by the last week of the month I would be broke and be all "Whaaaat?! Where did all my money go? I didn't even buy anything!"

What was I thinking? I don't need to be spending around 80 euros a week on food... in fact I can't be spending that much! Did I think I was some person with a full time job and a family of four to feed?! *silly*

So this month I decided I had to change how I was spending my money. (ehm.. and also money was super low.. but let's just pretend that had nothing to do with it and this came about from pure wisdom and self reflection) Eating clean and trying fancy recipes is awesome, but I realized that maybe at this stage in my life (22 years old, student) I don't have to be cooking up masterpieces every night. Or making fresh fruit smoothies everyday... gah I miss smoothies!

At first I thought it would be impossible to continue eating clean and save money, but it has been surprisingly ok. I mean, I have had to make some sacrifices, like substituting the bulk of my fresh veggies with frozen veggies. Cutting back on smoothies.. :(.. and buying fish fingers instead of fresh fish (I peel off the crust... they look kinda icky without their crispy golden coating, but they still taste fine) And the result? Last week I spent about 20 euros at the store, and bought enough food to make 7 dinner meals for two, AND some carrots, apples and bananas for snacks and breakfasts. (I should note that I did have things like quinoa, oatmeal and pasta already handy- but still!!) This is probably the least amount of money I've ever spent on food, excluding one horrific month two years ago where I had blown all my money on holiday and lived off of about 1/2 cup of oatmeal (drowned in sugar) and rice a day. (gooood times.)

Anyways, I'm still able to find new recipes online to try, but I've learned to not get too stuck on the listed ingredients and make my own substitutions or subtractions when the ingredients don't seem necessary. And of course I'm a little bit wiser about what types of recipes I decide to try. By the way, soups are awesome, super easy, super cheap, healthy, and tasty. 

Ok, well this was just kind of a personal ramble about my own triumph but I'm a little proud of myself so I thought I would share it here. hehe. And as always if anyone has any tips or questions or anything, feel free to leave a comment!

Oh! And Cassey (from blogilates) is going to be starting a new show on her youtube channel entitled:  Cheap, Clean, Eats. The first installment comes out tomorrow so I'll be sure to check that out (and you should too!) I've already used a few of her recipes: avocado pasta (she used miracle noodles, I used whole wheat pasta), fried quinoa with veggies (I make this a lot!) and her super clean chicken meatballs, which have all been really tasty and really nice to my wallet. :) 

My avocado pasta, not the best pic but go see the one of blogilates, and I'm sure you'll wanna try it! :D
Anyways I'm off to continue sewing... because that's what I do nowadays. Wake up at 5am, get in my morning exercise and then sew. Yes, I have been called a grandma on several occasions. 

I'll post what I've been doing here when it's all done (hopefully by the end of the week! *fingers crossed*) 

Have a lovely day <3 

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