Sunday, 6 February 2011

My friends have psychic powers

This morning I woke up, feeling slightly hungover, but more importantly with an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and missing my friends. I miss it all. The starbucks dates that lasted till 1am. The lunches at Michaelangelos. The afterschool chats at McDonalds. Spring-break in Bali. Riding in Charlie's car. Playing circle of death. Damai. Trips to Phi-Phi. Lunchtime by the field. Dinners at Ciccio. Reggae nights. Drinking at Anna's pool. Movie nights at Sarah's. All of it! Its so hard wishing to relive those moments, when you know that so many of them can't ever happen again...

but I get up, go on my facebook, and find exactly what I needed: Sarah had written on my wall just to ask what was up and to say she missed me. And Ria posted a status update just to send some love out to her friends and fam (including me :)! )

Its hard looking back and realizing things can't ever be the same. But  its nice to know that some things will never change.  Love all of my KL friends so much! And I miss you every day. xx <3


  1. I miss you too anna! I hope you know that :)
    And I would be so happy if you end up coming to Barcelona with us. Xoxox Stina

  2. Uhm hello where are our photos? i want to just add one in this comment.

  3. aww shit! :( i just quickly went through and grabbed some on my computer.. one is at your house! (well your pool bathroom).. ill add one in :) -because you of course are a big part of what i miss!

  4. I'm about to blog about Phi Phi so I can amplify your feeling of nostalgia... HAHAHA and also show you how much I loooovvvveeee yooouuuu :)

    Barbara + Streisand, xxx

  5. who are those two foxes in your second picture??