Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Banana Pancakes!

Today I started off my day with my blogilates workout from the MarchMakeover calendar and then had some nice banana pancakes as a post workout snack. These are the easiest, healthiest, and possibly yummiest pancakes ever! All you need are two eggs and 1 banana. Just blend that all together and make them the way you would your regular pancakes, so easy! This recipe can be found on just about any health food blog, but trust me, they are just as delicious as regular pancakes just without all the fuss. When I make these it usually makes about 4 pancakes, this morning I just made two and put the rest of the mixture in the fridge for later/for Albert.

I like to cook mine in a little bit of coconut oil and with a dash a cinnamon. They taste perfect on their own, or do what I did and pair them with some hot banana slices, yummy!

First pancakes always break!

I added a few dark chocolate chips to the second one as an 'experiment', yum!

These photos are pretty crappy, I'm going to go ahead and blame my flu still... ;) 

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