Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fighting the Flu

I can honestly say this weekend has been pretty miserable!

Flashback to Friday, I was having a pretty good day. I woke up and went for a long walk, and then did my daily blogilates workout which felt so excruciatingly exhausting that I was getting a little bit discouraged ("Aren't these workouts meant to get easier as I continue to do them?? Why is today so hard?!" etc). Of course the workouts are always hard, but for some reason every move felt like a mission and I was just feeling so negative. Later in the evening I felt a slight irritation in my throat. It didn't really feel sore, just a bit like I had some spit stuck in my air pipes or something. And then over night it all went downhill.

 I woke up to myself sweating like crazy, and then notice Albert next to me is shivering even though he has the whole blanket... oh boy! By the morning we were both experiencing crazy headaches, fatigue, scratchy dry coughs, and major cold sweats. It seems we managed to catch the flu :(

Yesterday (Monday) things started looking up a little, so I took advantage and went to the shop to stock up on some healthy foods! (oh did I mention Saturday was spent munching on candy, ice-cream and chocolate... oops!) I made a super immune-boosting smoothie with spinach-ginger-grapefruit-banana-mango and coconut water! And then some healthy spinach and banana muffins. It feels good to be eating better again, and it seems to be helping! Hopefully I can start working out again soon, I'm going to try and attempt that today as well.

Here are some pics of my latest green creations (yes, even through my cold sweats I just had to snap some pictures!)

Before posting this I actually ended up doing my workout for the day and it went great! I was taking it a little bit easier with the cardio, but I'm just so glad I was able to do it. Its funny how something so exhausting can make you feel so invigorated! Life is starting to win again.. slowly :)

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