Sunday, 14 July 2013

Healthy Pancakes!

So I believe I have found my official favorite pancake recipe, and it comes courtesy of Cassey Ho (blogilates)

I'm a big fan of the simple two ingredient banana pancake recipe, but this new recipe, which adds in some oatmeal and milk is maybe even slightly better. The reason I like this recipe a little bit more, is because the pancakes are a lot easier to handle. With the banana pancakes I always have to be super careful not to break them, and it's kind of a challenge not to burn them occasionally. But these new ones are so easy to flip!

So far we've had them with some berries, bananas, greek yogurt and an agave drizzle, and with peanut butter and banana. 

Go check out the recipe here. And here's a pic of a few that I made!

Going to be making some again tonight when my sister comes to visit but this time I'm going to fill them up with some roasted banana slices and agave sweetened greek yogurt, can't wait!

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