Sunday, 14 July 2013

Puzzle Frustration

This Christmas I was super excited and happy when my sister gave me a 1000 piece puzzle of our dog Bruno. It actually made me cry, in a good way.

A few years ago I had gotten pretty into puzzles, just making the few we had lying around the house. Ever since then I always requested puzzles as gifts (if people asked what I wanted that is ;) ) but no one seemed to take it seriously! But anyways, my sister finally filled my request and in my most awesome way possible... or so I thought! :D

I now understand why most generic puzzles are made up of these fully focused overly detailed images. Because a beautiful photograph like this one of Bruno (taken by my brother) does not make the best puzzle. The blurred background was absolutely impossible to put together! Literally I was trying about 100 pieces into one slot just to see if it fit, because there would be about that many pieces that looked almost identical. It also didn't help that the company that made the puzzle printed it kinda dark :(

I was so determined to finish this puzzle but after a month long occupation of our living room table, it was time to give up!

Maybe one day I'll try again (I tried to pack it away in a smart way) but for now I had to put an end to its silent mocking of my failure.

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